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Celebrities Supporting Tech

By Christine Persaud
For decades, there have been celebrities who support various technology products, either through development input, endorsements, or even charitable ventures. Sometimes, this works well – Dr. Dre and Beats headphones is perhaps one of the best examples, given that it led to a US$3 billion purchase by Apple.


Data Privacy Day 2016 is About Protecting Not Hiding Your Information

by Lee Rickwood
From cyber-criminality to targeted advertising, from corporate spies to commercial retailers, from government agencies to technology developers, it seems almost everyone is looking at our online activity. And not just looking: our digital fingerprints are being are being tracked, collected, stored, analyzed, cross-referenced and re-purposed, often without our knowledge and often by entities unknown to us.


Consumer Protection and the Internet of Things

Of all the things connected by the Internet of Things, it appears that a robust strategy for consumer protection, corporate security and individual privacy has not yet been fully hooked up. The Internet of Things (IoT) broadly refers to a…