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6 great Bluetooth speakers that can operate in any weather

By Christine Persaud
Here’s a look at 6 portable Bluetooth speakers that can operate in any weather, allowing you to enjoy tunes during a backyard winter party, while building a snowman, sliding and gliding on the ski hill, singing in the rain, or sitting poolside.

Sonos One Speaker review

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

In terms of sound quality, we can enjoy the legendary Sonos sound engineering in the smallest package. Audio quality is sublime and loudness is also surprising. It’s hard to imagine all that music is coming out of such a small speaker and yet here we are.

What you need to know about Bluetooth music streaming

By Ted Kritsonis

Headphone jacks are slowly disappearing from smartphones, steering consumers over to Bluetooth headphones for wireless playback. Except, the codecs aren’t all created equal.