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Let’s bring more tech into the lives of girls!

By Tanya Bennet Within the last few years it seems that the lack of women in technology has slowly become a front runner in the “we need to fix it category”. There are, indeed, a multitude of articles about it,…

The Glass Ceiling Needs Shattering

By: Hessie Jones Karen Bennet of WhatsYourTech recently wrote an article, Technology Needs More Women, and provided insight as to why women are under-represented in the high-tech industry,”…the main issues for retaining and interesting women in technology fields are a feeling of lack of…

Kids and Learning: Is Technology Helping Them?

It’s amazing how the life  of a student has changed.  In just one generation , I see a world that has profoundly changed the attitudes and behaviours of kids.  The speed and accessibility of information, the plethora of opinion blogs,…

Wired Woman Society Mentorship Program Receives MicroSkills Partnership Excellence Award

by Yasmin Ranade

I’m thrilled to announce that Community MicroSkills Development Centre is honouring Canadian Women in Communications (CWC) and its Wired Woman Mentorship Program with its MicroSkills Partnership Excellence Award. MicroSkills, a multi-cultural,non-profit, community-based organization committed to assisting the unemployed, wired_woman_logois recognizing Wired Woman members for their dedication to mentoring women in its Information Technology programs and sustainable results.