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Top Canadian Websites Disclose Personal Data

Canadian websites are disclosing information to third parties, apparently without the knowledge or consent of the site visitor – and possibly in violation of federal privacy law.

by Lee Rickwood

Technology, Crowdsourcing and Health Care Innovation in Canada

Internet and social media networking extend the reach of both patient and physician, so access to diagnostic advice beyond an immediate circle is greatly extended. Information is not limited by personal or physical connections.

by Lee Rickwood

There’s Not Enough Canadian Internet Capacity for the Both of Us

The country’s Internet ‘backbone’ is so weak that everyday Internet transmissions often travel outside the country (where the infrastructure is more robust) – even when the data is sent from one location in this country to another.

by Lee Rickwood

Canadian Live Tech Demo Shows Your Data on the Internet

At a special technology event this weekend, you can see pictures of where data travels on the Internet, just like you’re looking at friend’s vacation diary or something. But following data around is a lot more difficult to do, for a host of technical, physical, business and regulatory reasons.

by Lee Rickwood

Google will now include Gmail messages in search results

By Ted Kritsonis

In an effort to offer more personalized results through its popular search engine, Google will now add information derived from a user’s Gmail messages to tie in any data related to a search request.