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Graphic Back to School Tips from Privacy Commissioner

Beyond its written warnings and extensive print resources, the office has now created – a first for the Commissioner – a graphic novel to help young Canadians better understand and manage online privacy issues.

Investing in a Safe and Secure Canadian Internet

The implication is that we do not have such a safe secure and stable ‘Net here now – and there’s plenty of news reports and tech studies that seem to support that conclusion.
By Lee Rickwood

Canadian Technology Boosts and Fights Data Privacy Day

Privacy advocates say we all must make choices (like which browser, service provider or country to use) and make statements (like what law, rule or regulation should be in place) to enhance data privacy for all.

by Lee Rickwood

Bring Your Own Device: Is Your Organization Ready?

Canadian companies are embracing BYOD faster than their global counterparts, but fewer than half (33 per cent) of Canadian organizations have a mobile device management policy in place.

By Lee Rickwood