Mac Accessories for Women

By: Sandra De Freitas

April 21, 2010
Green hardshell for MacBook

Green hardshell for MacBook

When I made the switch from PC to Mac last year, I unknowingly became a part of a new family. When you own a Mac you become part of a big Mac family! Although I love my Mac I wanted to personalize it with a few accessories and I know I’m not the only woman who feels the same. So here are 3 awesome accessories to personalize your Mac.

When I walk into a conference and set up my laptop, members of the Mac family rush over to view my Mac. I don’t have a high end laptop, it’s MacBook. But what people rush over to see is the colour of my Mac! They are drawn by the green hardshell case protecting it. At first they are confused, “Why is your Mac green? Did they start making green MacBooks?”. To which I proudly reply, “No not yet! But I found this case on Apple’s site and I had to buy it!”

The hardshell not only personalizes your MacBook or MacBook Pro, but it also protects it and it’s easy to clean. It’s perfectly customized to fit your laptop so you won’t have any troubles accessing your ports and the thermal vents prevent your notebook from overheating. The hardshells do come in many feminine colours such as orange, pink, white, aqua, blue and of course green.

Pink MacBook "sleeve"

Pink MacBook "sleeve"

Another great accessory is the “sleeve“. It is like a cushioned manilla envelope that you slip your laptop into. It cushions and protects your laptop when you are on the go and it’s Machine washable (in case you spill your coffee on it!) They come in solid colours, polka dots and animal prints! 

Both hardshells and sleeves are available online in the Canadian Apple Store.

iSkin Protouch Keyboard Protector

iSkin Protouch Keyboard Protector


If you have pets or like to eat around your Mac you’ll love iSkin’s ProTouch Keyboard Protectors. They fit snug around your keyboard buttons and stops dust, fur, crumbs and spills from getting stuck under your keys. It also stops the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus (eww!) They are made of silicone so they are durable and can be washed with detergent! Just be sure it’s completely dry before you place it back on your keyboard again. The ProTouch Keyboard Protectors come in classic (translucent clear), solid colours (red, purple and black) and polka dots (blue, green, purple and red). Canadians can buy them direct from

So you are all set to accessorize your laptop and give it a feminine touch.

About Sandra De Freitas:

Sandra De Freitas is a top tech coach, speaker, trainer and expert in internet technology. She is the founder of and author of “Does this Blogsite Make my Wallet Look Fat?” which is featured at Sandra was recently voted the #1 Digital Coach on Squidoo and listed in “101 Women Bloggers to watch for 2009″ by WE magazine for Women. Her technology skills are second only to her wicked sense of humour.

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