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Video: Sharing Notes & Notebooks in Evernote

Collaboration is everything these days, no App is ever on its own! We use Evernote for so many tasks, using it to store all our little bits of data, it is only natural we will want to share that content…

Where touch meets type: smartphones with both touchscreens and QUERTY keyboards

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

For most users, the software keyboards on the majority of touchscreen-based smartphones are fine for short SMS messages and brief email messages. Smartphones with slide out QWERTY keyboards offer the convenience of a full-featured keyboard with all the benefits of a touch screen. Newer models are designed around thumb typing and leave the entire screen free for apps, webpages, videos and social media.


Sample iTunes QT video converted to Flash (2.4M) in player: [flashvideo file=files/sample_iTunes.flv /] Lee’s QT video converted to Flash (24M) behind link: Lee’s in Flash Lee’s video converted to Flash (24M) in player: [flashvideo file=files/scanleeFLV.flv /] Lee’s original QT video…