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A movie buff investigates YouTube Movies

By Mark Orton

It’s been about 10 months since Google launchedYouTube Movies in Canada. It continues to grow in all categories including new releases and offers consumers more choice every day. In addition it continues to ink agreements with more studios for content.

How much are you paying for your Internet access?

By Ted Kritsonis

The Internet and its residential usage is one of those topics that almost always induces a roll of one’s eyes, and the main reasons are inextricably linked — performance and price. Canada’s biggest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have the lion’s share of the market, but could consumers benefit more from going with a smaller company?

Canadian tax software to help you file your own taxes

By Ted Kritsonis

Tax software may not be the most exciting piece of technology to use, but it can save you money by making you your own accountant. And like any other tax filing process, it can either give you a surprising return or an unfortunate balance.

Social Media Week Pulse Check: mobile technology endures whirlwinds of change

By Hessie Jones

I recently made a presentation on mobile technology at Pulse Check, an event that took place during Social Media Week TO. The mobile world is like a whirlwind: fast-paced, innovative and totally unpredictable. Still, there are clearly discernable trends that will continue to shape mobile tech developments in 2012.