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New Internet suffixes like .Apple and .Sony are proposed

By Ted Kritsonis

The online address system as we know it is expected to expand dramatically, thanks to a wide range of proposals that would include Internet suffixes, like .Apple, .Sony, .auto and even .pizza.

Google Drive: Cloud service or emerging OS?

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Google Drive is a free synching and file storage service that is the foundation for a comprehensive cloud service. Google’s big cloud initiative is starting to form more cohesively. 

Pinterest and Instagram: Pictures speak louder than words

By Hessie Jones

Facebook’s shocking $1billion purchase of Instagram solidified one of the hottest social trends: Photo images have huge engagement value over text. Another photo site, Pinterest, has recently been commanding the airwaves, claiming 10 million users and “the fastest growing standalone site ever”.

Who should be driving the Social Media bus? Marketing or the Contact Centre?

By Hessie Jones

Businesses now know that they have to adapt to the demands of social media and somehow incorporate its elements into corporate structure and operations. A major question within many companies is, Who takes the lead? More and more it has to be people who deal with customers.