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Are Canadians too polite to succeed on the Internet? Reflections on Podcamp TO 2011

By Hessie Jones

I love Podcamp. The audience includes a very engaged Toronto social media community. Professionals, students, budding enthusiasts – all come together to embrace, share and learn about the new media. There is always a new insight to learn from, a new challenge to grapple with, a new technology to test.

Will Google and Facebook start feuding over data?

By Ted Kritsonis

This week, Google updated its Nexus S Android smartphone and ultimately severed the ties between Facebook contacts and Android’s own Contacts application. The move is just the latest in the increased competition between the two tech giants over sharing data.

HTC reveals first Facebook-focused Android phones

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

HTC’s Facebook phones fill a void in the tween and teen text-focused feature phone market once dominated by the Sidekick and LG’s messaging phones. The new phones focus on texting and typing and quick-buttons that put users in the middle of the Facebook experience where they can share, post and tag photos, and communicate with their friends on-the-go.