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Canada Needs a New Privacy Policy

Canada Needs a New Privacy Policy

by Lee Rickwood
Canada’s Annual Privacy Report includes recommendations for legislative reform and other solutions to help Canadians better control how their personal information is collected and used.

How-To: Windows 10 works wonders on older devices

Having used a recent Microsoft Surface Book for months before my ThinkPad with similar specs, I found performance on both to be about the same. Granted, I don’t do too many processor or memory intensive tasks on these devices, I felt that Windows 10 was fast and efficient on both devices.

Win a Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player with Remote

Contest Closed Enter to Win and Make Your Dorm the Ultimate Entertainment Destination Roku Ultra (Prize value $129.99) Roku Ultra is the ultimate streaming player with stunning HD, 4K and HDR picture quality, great sound and advanced technology and features!…