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More Hot Tech for the Business Woman

By Christine Persaud
A smartphone can be the most important tool in a working woman’s arsenal. Which means you don’t want to forget it, or have it run out of juice. And you want to receive all of your important notifications in a timely fashion. Here are five hot tech items that are great complements to a smartphone to help ensure it’s used as effectively as possible.

How Rogers’ Roam Like Home compares to other roaming options

By Ted Kritsonis

Warmer weather also usually means increased travel as the summer looms, and roaming with your smartphone now has more options than last year. With Rogers’ Roam Like Home now including 35 European countries, how does it compare to other third-party services?

Why Women Appreciate Home Automation

By Christine Persaud
With so much attention on the Internet of Things (IoT), and a plethora of apps to control everything from your TV to your refrigerator, home automation is falling more and more into the mainstream. And it’s catching the attention of women just as much as men.

5 High-Tech Gifts for Women to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

By Christine Persaud
As we near the end of a calendar year, New Year’s Resolutions are on the minds of many. And one of the most common is to live a healthier lifestyle. While many people equate technology with being sedentary, these days, it’s actually quite the opposite. There are tons of tech gadgets that can help encourage healthier living, increase activity levels, and better eating habits.