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The Future of SMS

By Christine Persaud
A decade ago, Short Messaging Service (SMS), better known as “texts,” were the only alternative we had to voice for connecting via mobile devices. Today, it’s joined by many other options. Yet people are still sending texts like wildfire.

Wearable tech: Overhyped trend of the future of personal computing?

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla We’re going to be hearing a lot about wearable computing. Products extending features of smartphones, tracking health and movement,  and the perfect cocktail from the billion dollar industries of technology and fashion.

Review: Fuji X-M1 a solid camera that needs time to learn

By Ted Kritsonis

Compact point-and-shoot digital cameras are being cannibalized by smartphones, but better price points for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras means that it’s becoming a little easier to ramp up your photography skills. Fuji’s X-M1 offers the company’s smallest and lightest body with a level of performance that could compare favourably to a DSLR.