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5 must-have gadgets for business travel

By Christine Persaud
Traveling for business isn’t like it used to be. We no longer just tuck a laptop and charger into our bag and smartphone into our pocket. Today’s traveling businessperson needs much more.

The best travel apps for frequent flyers

Smartphones can be the quintessential travel accessory and great apps and services that work across borders can really take the sting out of long-haul flights and the general stress that modern travel brings with it.

Comparing roaming options for travelling Canadians

By Gadjo Sevilla

Travelling outside of the US and Canada presents a greater challenge. For one thing, cellular bands or systems may differ and roaming packages from your carrier, while available, will be more expensive.

Drupal’s CMS powers travel and airport websites

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Drupal’s free and open-source content management framework  powers 2.1 per cent of all websites and is also  making its mark in the travel industry.

Essential gadgets for travel

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Modern travellers are faced with many challenges. Higher travel costs, less service and perks as well as increasingly more prohibitive rules. Here are gadgets that help make travel better.

A Career in Tech: A Road You Can Travel

By Tanya Bennet FUTURE… a six letter word that when combined with “your” seems to pack a punch greater then Mike Tyson. So why is it that when uttered, these words make the average person stop dead in their tracks…