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Financial Software for Small Businesses

By Christine Persaud
Keeping track of a small business can be a time-consuming and daunting task, even for sole proprietors. In preparation of tax season, you need to keep a log of invoices, bills, receipts, insurance, HST filing, payroll, and more. Even beyond the organizational benefits, though, accounting software can also help you present things like invoices more professionally to your clients.

Small businesses stuck on Windows Server 2003 will need to move fast

By Ted Kritsonis

On July 14, 2015, Microsoft will pull the plug on Windows Server 2003, effectively ending a long period of plugging security holes with patches on a regular basis. Small and medium-sized businesses who have no plan to migrate to a newer server platform may be putting themselves in jeopardy, and numbers indicate there are still plenty of them.

HP scales down enterprise tools, aiming at small businesses

Text and photos by Ted Kritsonis

Las Vegas – The desktop PC isn’t dead. That was part of the messaging behind HP’s Discover business-focused event, as it unveiled a number of tools and services made for enterprises, but also scaled down for small businesses.

Google Apps won’t be free for small businesses anymore

By Ted Kritsonis

Google announced today that it would now charge $50 annually to small businesses with less than 10 employees who use its suite of Web-based productivity tools. The move puts these small businesses in line with larger businesses that have paid that rate for some time.

Why small businesses are embracing social media while big business holds back

By Hessie Jones

To this day, despite the prevalence of social media, adoption has been slow among large enterprises. Yes, some have been jumping on the bandwagon but many have yet to be convinced that Social Media will do anything significant to develop audience or revenues. Having worked in both sectors, I’m convinced that the gap between large corporations and small business involves: risk tolerance, money, adaptability …