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Review: Fuji X-M1 a solid camera that needs time to learn

By Ted Kritsonis

Compact point-and-shoot digital cameras are being cannibalized by smartphones, but better price points for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras means that it’s becoming a little easier to ramp up your photography skills. Fuji’s X-M1 offers the company’s smallest and lightest body with a level of performance that could compare favourably to a DSLR.

New Real-Time Transit App Goes Beyond Canada with Any Device

Freely accessible and widely usable, open data from public sources has been used in the development of several apps, including those that provide information about water quality at beaches, food safety at restaurants, parking lots, bike trails and transit routes.

by Lee Rickwood

Canada’s Moral Compass Points to Apathy on Online Privacy

The issue is often not as much about doing something wrong as it is about doing anything online, and being able to control – even be aware – where, why and how such information is accessed or used.

by Lee Rickwood