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Canada’s Privacy Debate Goes Live Online with Glenn Greenwald

“More and more Canadians are seeing through their government’s deceit and obfuscation,” Glenn Greenwald said in advance of his visit here, “and I’m eagerly anticipating this opportunity to contribute to that debate.”

by Lee Rickwood

5 Essential Apps for the Working Mother

By Christine Persaud
For many women, the demands of a career often come alongside the demands of a family. Organizing one’s life typically means a combination of planning for that big meeting or business trip while also making sure you make the PTA meeting, help the kids with their homework, and pick up groceries.

Review: Slingbox M1 sticks to basic TV place-shifting

By Ted Kritsonis

The Slingbox has been a rare case in that it has essentially offered the same core functionality and gone through few makeovers, yet has evolved enough on both the hardware and software sides to make the cost of entry more affordable with the M1.

OpenTable and the evolution of a great idea

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla We recently spent some time at OpenTable’s offices in San Francisco  prior to the company’s acquisition by Priceline for $2.6 billion. Here’s what we learned.

Canada Among Global Leaders for Dyson Award

Over the years, Canadian finalists have come up with robotic surgical tools, portable systems for disaster relief, even an energy source that’s fuelled by human muscle power.

by Lee Rickwood

Win a Belkin tablet prize pack!

CONTEST CLOSED Approximate prize bundle $ 284.96 Prize includes: Belkin QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air ($129.99 value) The QODE Ultimate Keyboard is thin and light thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminium alloy construction. Offering great protection, a sleek and…