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Canada’s Moral Compass Points to Apathy on Online Privacy

The issue is often not as much about doing something wrong as it is about doing anything online, and being able to control – even be aware – where, why and how such information is accessed or used.

by Lee Rickwood

Review of Windows 8.1 Preview

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla By and large, Microsoft has tried to be attuned to its users and has incorporated various updates to Windows 8.1 which, while currently still a preview version, shows promise in the evolution of Windows.

Review: Samsung’s Audio Dock delivers big sound in a smaller package

By Ted Kritsonis

Portable audio is going through something of a renaissance, though not everyone realizes it for what it is. The advent of Bluetooth, AirPlay and general wireless audio streaming make portable speakers ideal for home and travel, and Samsung’s DA-F60 aims to offer some booming sound in a package small enough to place anywhere you want.

NetTalk lets you port over your existing landline phone number

By Ted Kritsonis

If there’s one service that isn’t worth paying the full cost from traditional providers, it’s a landline phone number. NetTalk announced recently that users could now port their existing landlines over to a NetTalk Duo device for a flat fee and use the device as their home or business line.

Does Our Data Need a Canadian Passport?

Data sent from one Canadian location to another Canadian location nevertheless crosses international borders; as such, it may be necessary or advisable to get our data a passport, and maybe even some inoculating shots before heading out.

By Lee Rickwood