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Extreme Gadgets for Active Users

  By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Aside from competing in specs and pricing, many gadgets have differentiated themselves by catering to the action market with tough, water-resistant and temperature resistant features.

HP considers what life without print would be like, but says little about its future

Text and photos by Ted Kritsonis

SHANGHAI – From HP’s perspective at its Global Influencer Summit in Shanghai, it seems that a world without print of any kind would be a lifeless, colourless existence devoid of any livable character, and while there is anecdotal evidence supporting that, it’s still not clear what this all means for the average consumer.

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Online protests force reboot of government spying bill

By Lee Rickwood

The potential financial costs of implementing the legislation – and the lack of clarity over who would pay that bill, and how – are seen as another good reason the bill came to an early end.

What will the tablet market bring in 2012?

By Ted Kritsonis

For a variety of reasons, the tablet market in 2011 wasn’t a horse race, but rather one of a clear winner ahead of a confusing pack left to fester in the distance. Apple’s iPad only affirmed its dominance over a surge of ‘me too’ devices that didn’t resonate enough with consumers. Will 2012 change that in a big way?

How the iPad won 2011’s ‘Tablet War’

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

Apple’s iPad continues to dominate the tablet space it had created a year ago despite the waves of competing tablets that hit the market hoping to challenge the leader.