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CES 2016: what the show portends for the rest of the year

By Ted Kritsonis

Another Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in the books, and with plenty of buzz, there was a shift in focus that looks to be a trend for the show’s foreseeable future. Wearables, smart home, virtual reality (VR), connected cars and drones dominated the show floor this year.

Wearables make a big statement at CES 2015

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Every company seemed to have one, or at least had some news related to the wearables market which took up most of an additional exhibit space here at CES 2015.

TV Buying Guide: tips on how to buy the one you want

By Ted Kritsonis

Buying a TV can be equally exciting and frustrating, mainly because you like that you’re getting something new, but unsure which one you should actually go with. It’s a familiar pattern, especially with the confusing array of choices and features hurled at you as a consumer. We wade through the noise and offer some helpful advice on how to buy the TV you’re actually looking for.

An inside look at Motorola’s HQ

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla We were treated to an unusual product launch by Motorola executives at their Merchandise Mart HQ in downtown Chicago where we learned the stories and processes behind their latest products.