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Apple buys Beats music and headphones businesses

By Ted Kritsonis

Confirming the rumour mill that had spinning for weeks, Apple announced today that it is acquiring Beats Electronics, bringing both the headphone and streaming music businesses into the fold at Cupertino that at $3 billion (U.S.), is the largest acquisition in Apple’s history.

5 Essential Apps for Business Women

By Christine Persaud

Obviously, apps aren’t really geared toward one sex or the other, unless they’re specific to biological functioning. But there are certain mobile productivity apps that, while having equal appeal to both males and females, can prove especially useful for the tech-savvy businesswoman. Here are 5 in particular that stand out.

Ooma Office aims to disrupt business phone service

By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla Ooma has challenged the home phone subscription model with its affordable solution. Now it is turning the business PBX on its head with a cloud-based solution.

Israeli tech startups start small but are thinking big

By Ted Kritsonis

Israel is a country that is almost always in the news for either political reasons or tourism, but the tiny state is making a name for itself as a hub for startup tech companies. On a recent high-tech mission to the country, we got to see some of the startups that are looking to change the world.