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Review: Securifi Almond+ router aims high, can’t do it all

By Ted Kritsonis

Securifi isn’t a well-known brand, and the Almond+ isn’t likely to stand out in the router crowd, but this is a device that aims to combine home networking with home automation — a first in this category. It’s a sound premise, except the execution highlights some key shortcomings.

Sentri’s all-in one home monitoring system points to the future of IoT

By Gadjo Sevilla

The Sentri app will enable you to access these compatible smart home devices so if you forgot to turn of your lights or want to set your smart thermostat to conserve energy, you can do it even while travelling, provided you have an Internet connection.

Review: Google OnHub is a router for dummies

By Ted Kritsonis

Google’s OnHub is a router designed to simplify setup and maintenance in a way that wouldn’t befuddle the average user. Its design inside is also aimed at pushing out a better Wi-Fi signal over a larger area to improve connectivity around the home. With this combination, the OnHub is ideally suited for novices, but at the expense of alienating more advanced users.