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Is Gen Z Being Cyber Safe (Enough)?

By Yasmin Ranade
Cybersecurity experts are urging organizations to be particularly cautious of their younger employees’ digital habits while on the clock.

Cyber Security Fitness: All of Us Can Muscle-Up

By Yasmin Ranade
Cybersecurity fitness can be considered more of a metaphor. This metaphor likens cybersecurity practices to physical fitness routines. Just like you can stay fit physically, you can stay fit within the cybersecurity world. Consider these three topics – warm-up, workout, and self-defense.

Fraud Awareness Week: Scams Our Team Has Encountered

By Christine Persaud
It’s Fraud Awareness Week, the perfect time to bring attention to the many new ways that scammers are trying to defraud people via technology. The methods are clever and if they reach you at the right time, even the most aware person can fall victim.

What can we do to combat cyberattacks? A lot.

By Yasmin Ranade
Cybersecurity is a team sport. Every single Canadian – whether they are acting as the government, private sector, civil society, or as individuals—has a role to play

montage of black and white photos of famous inventors - all male.

Challenging the Stereotypes, Building an Ecosystem for Women in IP

by Lee Rickwood
“We need to see ourselves in these roles,” said one accomplished female tech exec. “If they [other women] don’t see you do it, they won’t believe they can do it,” said another women executive of the importance of role models and the unfortunate impact of existing stereotypes on students or those just entering the workforce.