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toronto at night city skyline

Help Shape the Future of Free Public Wi-Fi in Toronto

by Lee Rickwood
The local tech community, members of the general public, and all other interested parties are being asked for their input as the City of Toronto shapes the future of free public Wi-Fi services in the city.

Bees are Buzzing as AI Hits the Data and Dating Scene

by Lee Rickwood
Giving women added control over their online dating lives has long been seen by Bumble as a way to flip traditional gender roles and challenge some old-fashioned dating ideas that may inhibit some women from participating.

Apple Debuts New iPads, Google Intros New Pixel Phone

By Christine Persaud
New mobile devices were introduced by two of the biggest brands on May 7, 2024. Apple revealed new iPad Air and iPad Pro models with significant upgrades in design and functionality. Meanwhile, Google introduced its Pixel 8a smartphone, a mid-range model in the 8 series line-up that boasts premium AI features. Here’s what you need to know.

inside a large conference centre, a man on stage introduces new products

Newest Smart Bot from LG is an AI Agent

by Lee Rickwood
Although it has yet been given a ‘human’ name by its developer parent, this new smart device has been given several ‘human’ capabilities.

CES 2024: The Biggest Trends For 2024

By Christine Persaud
From the living room to your home security, home appliances, smart wearables, mobile devices, and on-the-go technologies, 2024 is gearing up to be yet another exciting year in tech.