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6 Adorable Pocket Printers You Can Get For $150

By Christine Persaud
Pocket printers sit in an interesting spot in the market. On the one hand, they have a nostalgic feel, harkening back to the days of Polaroids. On the other, they appeal to the youngest generation who loves snapping candid or posed photos and printing them right on the spot so they have a small, shareable print they can use to decorate their locker, notebook, or even phone case.

Gen Z Keeps Safe from Webcams

By Yasmin Ranade
HP Inc. released its Webcam Security Survey results this summer to coincide with the release of its ENVY and ENVY 360, both designed with webcam kill switches

Reviewing the OnePlus 7 Pro

By Ted Kritsonis

OnePlus has always branded itself as an upstart wary of charging the premium prices established brands haven’t shied away from, but the new 7 Pro enters that arena.

A Mother’s Truth In Photographs

By Yasmin Ranade
HP’s History of Memory series explores the evolution of photography to better understand the connection between printed photos and memory. Is there value in printed images in our lives? Can we learn more about our history, our family and our self?