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Smartwatch Must-Haves Checklist

By Christine Persaud
By now, most people have owned at least one basic fitness tracker. You might be considering upgrading to a smartwatch for additional functionality from your wrist. The first consideration to make, of course, is compatibility. You need a smartwatch that works with your smartphone

row of vending machines with graphic overlays on image

Smart Vending Machines Keep an Eye on Products, Customers, and Air Quality

by Lee Rickwood
At a dozen shopping malls across Canada, hidden inside digital information kiosks, were small cameras and other AVA-type technology. Apparently, hours and hours of video and hundreds of images were collected, an activity that regulators said contravened federal and provincial privacy laws.

The Latest Laptops Come With AI

By Christine Persaud
You’ll find AI technology in every type of product, from smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S24 series to TVs from brands like Samsung and LG, and yes, even laptops.