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The Latest Innovations in Digital Wallets

By Christine Persaud
Digital wallets can hold much more than just payment cards, too, from digital entry passes to loyalty cards, boarding passes, and vaccine cards, all of which I use. In the U.S., they can also handle things like money transfers and store digital driver’s licenses.

How Much Storage Do You Need On Your Phone?

By Christine Persaud
More and more phones are coming with reduced built-in storage, including anywhere from 128GB to 256GB. In many cases, they don’t have memory card slots either, which means you need to rely on cloud storage if you require more.

Google Pixel Event 2023: Here’s What Was Announced

By Christine Persaud
At its Pixel event this month, Google announced more innovative devices across the Pixel line. Once again, AI technology is at the heart of many of the improvements you’ll see with these new phones, new smartwatch, and updated true wireless earbuds.