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Canadian AI Tool Tracks Public Input to Government Agency Consultations

When Canada’s broadcast and telecom agency asked for public input about whether the Internet should be regarded as a basic need, well, Canadians responded big time. More than 65,000 pages of submitted materials were received by the Canadian Radio-Television and…

How AI Robots Might Take Over Jobs

By Christine Persaud
As AI develops further, several companies are looking at ways that they can innovate and enhance jobs (and, let’s not sugar-coat it, reduce the cost of a human workforce), whether entry-level or highly-skilled, through the use of robots.

Holy Fake News! Pope Tackles Distorted Facts on Social Media

Holy Fake News! Pope Tackles Distorted Facts on Social Media

by Lee Rickwood
We may be our own last line of defence against fake news and purposeful social manipulation. That puts our media literacy, cognitive skills and critical thinking abilities to a real test. Severely tested, too, will be our economic skills and abilities. Fake news is cheap; real information and investigative journalism is expensive.

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Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Retail?

by Lee Rickwood
Proximity marketing tools like motion-tracking cameras, wireless device detectors and Bluetooth broadcasting enable instant connectivity with potential customers.