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The Latest Laptops Come With AI

By Christine Persaud
You’ll find AI technology in every type of product, from smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S24 series to TVs from brands like Samsung and LG, and yes, even laptops.

inside a large conference centre, a man on stage introduces new products

Newest Smart Bot from LG is an AI Agent

by Lee Rickwood
Although it has yet been given a ‘human’ name by its developer parent, this new smart device has been given several ‘human’ capabilities.

CES 2024: The Biggest Trends For 2024

By Christine Persaud
From the living room to your home security, home appliances, smart wearables, mobile devices, and on-the-go technologies, 2024 is gearing up to be yet another exciting year in tech.

Cyber Security Fitness: All of Us Can Muscle-Up

By Yasmin Ranade
Cybersecurity fitness can be considered more of a metaphor. This metaphor likens cybersecurity practices to physical fitness routines. Just like you can stay fit physically, you can stay fit within the cybersecurity world. Consider these three topics – warm-up, workout, and self-defense.

Google Pixel Event 2023: Here’s What Was Announced

By Christine Persaud
At its Pixel event this month, Google announced more innovative devices across the Pixel line. Once again, AI technology is at the heart of many of the improvements you’ll see with these new phones, new smartwatch, and updated true wireless earbuds.