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Smart Tech and Tech Tips to Reduce Bills

By Christine Persaud
There are ways to leverage technology to help reduce bills. Even if it’s just by a few dollars each month, every bit counts. It adds up and in the long run, with the potential to save you a significant amount of money that can go towards your future, or paying mounting bills now.

What Matter is and why it should matter

By Ted Kritsonis
Smart home devices have been speaking different languages for years, and Matter may be the one that finally gets everything talking.

New Tech With Wireless Charging Built-In

By Christine Persaud
An interestingly subtle theme at The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2023), was innovations that integrate wireless charging as an added bonus to the main purpose for which they were intended, offering convenience and versatility for customers.

Smart Doorbell vs. Smart Camera: Which is Better?

By Christine Persaud
If you haven’t already jumped into the category of smart home security, you might be considering doing so. Smart outdoor security cameras make it easy to keep an eye on the home when you’re away, whether it’s for an extended period of time for work or vacation, for an overnight trip, or during the day when no one is home.