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Is Gen Z Being Cyber Safe (Enough)?

By Yasmin Ranade
Cybersecurity experts are urging organizations to be particularly cautious of their younger employees’ digital habits while on the clock.

Cyber Security Fitness: All of Us Can Muscle-Up

By Yasmin Ranade
Cybersecurity fitness can be considered more of a metaphor. This metaphor likens cybersecurity practices to physical fitness routines. Just like you can stay fit physically, you can stay fit within the cybersecurity world. Consider these three topics – warm-up, workout, and self-defense.

Ransomware: Threat And Containment

By Yasmin Ranade
Ransomware is a form of digital extortion, first introduced in 2007.   While we may not be hearing about attacks as significant as WannaCry and NotPetya, ransomware cases that are reported indicate evolving approaches and hint at brewing underground activity – the silent evolution,