Your connected home theatre experience: TV apps and accessories

By: Lee Rickwood

December 8, 2011

By Lee Rickwood

You’ve got an HDTV, it’s connected to the Web, your family and friends have gathered – but maybe there’s still something missing. Here are a few apps and accessories to complete the experience.

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NFB Advent Calendar iPad App

Perhaps you’ve already heard about the great National Film Board app and streaming website before, but there’s an extra festive mood there now!

Check out the new NFB Advent Calendar iPad App, like a seasonal digital calendar, but it comes with access to 25 new and classic films, unlocked one-a-day.

The app is just $1! And for another dollar (or $1 every day in December) you can download more great NFB films in a special holiday offering.

Internet Movie Database

No matter what you’re watching, should any holiday, uhh, discussion break out over TV trivia or movie facts and figures, the fabulous Internet Movie Database IMDB app will set things right.

Biscotti TV camera phone

If you’re separated from the ones you love, you can use your home entertainment system to get in touch.

When connected to your HDTV and set-top box, the Biscotti TV camera phone lets you make free 1080P video calls to anyone on the same system (or on Google Talk).

Once you and your friends and family are all together again, here are some more apps and accessories that will enhance your TV experience.

HSTI Wireless Media Stick

You can enjoy movies, TV shows and more already stored on your home computer by beaming them to your home stereo,  big screen HDTV or other smart device, with the handy little Wireless Media Stick from Calgary’s HSTi, which connects your computer to your home theatre.

There’s no memory on this stick, but there is Wi-Fi, and it streams audio and video content to pretty much any device with a USB port, like smart TVs, sound systems, gaming consoles and so on.

Belkin Conserve smart power bar

No matter what the device, you have it plugged into a surge protector or smart power accessory, right? Like the Conserve smart power bar from Belkin. 

It automatically turns off other entertainment system components at the same time you turn off your TV, by sensing if the main outlet (your TV is plugged there) is active or not. There are outlets for gadgets that need continuous power, like DVRs (be careful – don’t plug Christmas tree lights in here).

The power bar also safeguards sensitive electronics from spikes or surges on the line.

Home Cinema Accessories

You’re protected, you’re connected, you’ve got access to media – now what?

Movie theatre ambience!

Home Cinema Accessories offers gorgeous custom theatre chairs and other décor accessories can turn your living room into a vintage cinema.

There are the classic plush folding theatre chairs; you can even have your name embroidered on them! Or get a couple of iconic washroom signs!


And what theatre is complete without the popcorn?

HTD Canada offers top professional popcorn makers in various sizes and capacities. They boast stainless steel food-zones, full metal – not plastic – tops; tempered glass and what is unfortunately called an ‘old-maid drawer’ (for those nuisance un-popped kernels).

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