Dell Canada launches Dell for Entrepreneurs Program

By: Yasmin Ranade

October 29, 2014

dell 2 IMG_7611CDA LogoDell launched an initiative this month to support the start-up community in Canada.

Following its success in other countries, the Dell for Entrepreneurs program has been established with the aim of providing start-ups with support to enable their next phase of growth, including access to technology, sales enablement, capital, networking and marketing support.

“Michael Dell founded the company 30 years ago and built a business based on a culture of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit”, said Kevin Peesker, president of Dell Canada. “We believe that innovation is a critical component of growing a thriving business and we strongly support entrepreneurs who leverage technology to take ideas from start-up to success. We’re committed to supporting start-up businesses that leverage technology to fast track growth,” said Kevin Peesker, president of Dell Canada. Mr. Peesker also noted that Canada has fostered a robust community of entrepreneurs and that Dell’s program can be a catalyst for these companies to help them scale, grow and globalize at a pace that may not be otherwise possible.

Dell for Entrepreneurs has aligned itself with noted entrepreneurs, including leading accelerators, incubators and venture capitalists. Through workshops, office hours, demo days, networking events and conferences, the program works with organizations to support entrepreneurs around technology, network, capital, and knowledge. In Canada, HIGHLINE is a partner.

“Dell is really stepping up its commitment to the technology start-up ecosystem,” said Marcus Daniels, chief executive officer of HIGHLINE and a member of the Canadian Dell for Entrepreneurs Advisory Council. “We’re excited to see this program launch and it will enhance the HIGHLINE acceleration platform by strengthening relationships with our founders across Canada looking to scale globally.”

Catherine Graham, chief executive officer of commonsku and president of RIGHTSLEEVE, is a member of the Entrepreneur-in-Residence Global Advisory Board which serves as a collective voice for entrepreneurs worldwide and lends strategic insight into Dell’s entrepreneurial initiatives.

Catherine Graham, RIGHTSLEEVE President and commonsku CEO

Catherine Graham, RIGHTSLEEVE President and commonsku CEO interviewed Ms. Graham in February, Graham said about Dell, “I was delighted to be approached by Dell to join the Canadian Dell Advisory Council for Entrepreneurs as well. It’s great to see a multinational like Dell leading by example with an initiative like this. I am pleased to play a continuing strategic role as the program is rolled out in Canada and encourage entrepreneurs to get involved with the program and enjoy the benefits of networking with likeminded people.”

Dell Entrepreneurs Microsite & Community

A dedicated microsite to support the Canadian Dell for Entrepreneurs initiative,  has been created as an online entrepreneurial community where new businesses can hear stories from other entrepreneurs on how to get access to resources and expertise, technological best practices, and insights on how to scale for growth.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to log onto the micro site  to learn more about the opportunity the program offers or follow @DellInnovators and @DellSmbCA on Twitter to keep up to date.

Visitors to the Dell for Entrepreneurs microsite will have the opportunity to join the official Dell for Entrepreneurs community. Community members will receive access to Dell’s VIP benefits including exclusive product discounts, personal support and opportunities to network with other fast-growing businesses. Benefits also include access to a monthly learning series with topics ranging from technology solutions like security, mobility and big data to business enablement topics such as pitching to VCs, selling into large business and building brand and networks.

Dell Founders 50

The Dell Founders 50 is focused on business acceleration for disruptive companies and includes CEOs and founders who are game changers in their industry, poised for massive growth. Members participate over a two year term accessing programming focused on accelerating the growth of their business. A new class of 50 is added every six months, with each class graduating after two years.

This exclusive global group is now available to Canadian entrepreneurs who view technology as a critical backbone to their business, and who have immediate IT needs in order to scale quickly. Organizations are encouraged to review the criteria and apply for the Founders 50 via the Dell for Entrepreneurs microsite. In addition to the benefits received by the Dell for Entrepreneurs community, members of this elite group will have opportunities to network and attend events that bring together Founders 50 members from all over the globe. This group will receive concierge level service from Dell team members and receive unparalleled access to the team inside Dell to help their emerging business get to market more quickly.

Dell has identified 50 companies as the key startups and founders to watch in the Spring 2014 cohort and the Fall 2014 cohort will include its first Canadian member, Cloud Dynamics. Dell is accepting applicants from Canadian start-ups for future cohorts. To view the criteria and apply, please visit

Art of Entrepreneurship: Dell’s Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN)

Cheryl Cook, Vice President, Global Channels and Alliances, Dell

Cheryl Cook,
Vice President, Global Channels and Alliances, Dell

The announcement of Dell’s Entrepreneurs initiative in Canada comes on the heels of Dell’s global DWEN event, which took place in June in Texas.

DWEN aims to accelerate the increasingly powerful role women play in economic growth with technology solutions, and uses its conference as a critical opportunity for women to network and learn from other women.

I covered the DWEN conference, and was impressed with the calibre of business women in attendance. From x to y, women business owners and technologists exchanged business advice and experience throughout key note presentations, workshops and panel discussions.

Keynote speaker, the dynamic Debbie Travis, also was on hand to inspire women to “be authentic”, work together and stem any fear. She also shared her latest, global entrepreneurial vision, Girls’ Tuscan Getaway.




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