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What can we do to combat cyberattacks? A lot.

By Yasmin Ranade
Cybersecurity is a team sport. Every single Canadian – whether they are acting as the government, private sector, civil society, or as individuals—has a role to play

Building Secure Operating Systems for the Future

By Yasmin Ranade
It’s not surprising that Boyd Multerer, Microsoft Xbox “father of invention,” has a device-orientated vision about the future of operating systems (OS) and that it considers decades of gaming and OS development experience.

Canadian Universities Awarded $1M in Grants for Sustainability Initiatives

By Yasmin Ranade
TD awarded 10 grants of $1 million each (in CDN for Canadian organizations or USD for US organizations) to organizations like the University of Victoria and the University of Ottawa whose projects will be at the cutting edge of renewable energy system development and will include a first of its kind tech app geared toward supporting Indigenous peoples.