Stop Burning Fuel! Tech Products Tap into Clean Green Solar Power

By: Lee Rickwood

June 26, 2020

New technology products that tap into the power of the sun for the energy they need to run are coming to market, offering alternatives to the way we fuel our world.

From computer keyboards to portable water purification systems to powerful AC generation systems, solar-powered products offer convenience, comfort, and in some cases, life-saving capabilities.

Solar-powered tech products are made for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint in a long-term commitment to live off-the-grid, those who want to more fully enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or camping by bringing their gadgets along, or those who simply want to lower their hydro bills a bit.

Logitech’s K750 Solar Wireless Keyboard, for example, works from the power it collects from any available light source, be it a nearby indoor lamp to the most powerful energy source in the solar system. Any light source is said to keep the keyboard charged for at least three months in total darkness.

Even power sources can be powered by the sun: its renewable energy can be used for larger-scale electricity demands using solar panel systems to fuel an entire home, for example, and the refrigerator, stove, other appliances and personal equipment like laptops, radios, and home alarm systems found inside.

solar kitchen products

Solar-powered alternatives to the typical kitchen environment, include cooking, cooling, eating, washing, and drinking solutions. GoSun image.

Now, an integrated suite of products is providing an off-the-grid solar-powered alternative to the typical kitchen environment, with cooking (the solar oven cooks food at temperatures up to 550°F), cooling, eating, washing and drinking solutions. GoSun has been adding solar-power products to its line-up over the past year, and it is using a crowdfunding campaign to boost product awareness and power its own growth and expansion plans.

GoSun has just announced the release of a portable, solar-powered water purification system it says can sanitize large amounts of water anywhere in the world. More than a water purifier, the GoSun Flow system acts as the proverbial kitchen sink. The unit comes with a faucet, pump, filter, power bank, and solar panels, and from an array of available upgrades and pricing tiers, the Flow can be converted into a portable shower with clean, hot water. It can also be powered by USB.

The Flow takes in water from almost any source, and specifications indicate it can purify a litre of water in about a minute. Its three-stage filtering system utilizes an electropositive charge to clean pathogens from the water. The filter is rated at up to 1,000 litres.

solar panel, sink and hand washing shown

Options for the solar-powered water purifier include a faucet and sink option for washing yourself and the dishes. GoSun image.

Other conversion tools turn the filter module into a drinking module, and there’s a faucet and sink option for washing yourself and the dishes.

Pre-orders for the unit are now being accepted; company representatives say the GoSun Flow will be available in Canada this summer (by August); this campaign marks GoSun’s eighth successful crowdfunded project and it is now conducting a corporate equity crowdfunding raise via

“[O]ur mission is to create reliable and useful outdoor survival products,” said Patrick Sherwin, Founder and CEO. “With the Flow, we’ve solved the problem of clean water access in a way that is sustainable, reliable, and most importantly, able to be accessed by anyone who needs it.”

Described as a social entrepreneur and inventor, Sherwin has been committed to developing clean technology since 2000. Beyond profiting from its products, GoSun’s partnership with Trees for the Future result in two tree plantings from every purchase.

group of people hold solar powered products in Africa

Canadian solar-powered product rep Glenergy and the NewLightAfrica alliance known as Heya! provide microcredit purchase options to people in Africa. Glenergy image.

GoSun’s partner in Canada is a company called Glenergy, also dedicated to better ways of powering our lives: “Our mission is to stop people from having to burn anything for basic energy services.”

Beyond providing product representation for GoSun and other solar-powered and environmentally-friendly products here, Glenergy is active in Africa, and it is a member of the NewLightAfrica alliance known as Heya!, which provides microcredit purchase options so people can get solar-powered lights and related accessories.


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