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Tech Gifts for the Hybrid Worker: Convenience and Saving Money

By Christine Persaud
This year, the hybrid schedule is becoming more common, with workers splitting their weeks between home and office. These ideas will not only make working from home to the office and back more convenient, they can also help you save money.

The Benefits Of Cartridge-Free Printing

By Christine Persaud
To say that refillable ink printers, which offer cartridge-free printing, are a game-changer would be an understatement.

‘Smart’ Connectivity Supports Canadians with ADHD

By Yasmin Ranade
Samsung Canada is collaborating with ADHD experts from Possibilities Clinic to launch a new resource hub highlighting ways in which SmartThings and connected technology can support Canadians with ADHD.

Fraud Awareness Week: Scams Our Team Has Encountered

By Christine Persaud
It’s Fraud Awareness Week, the perfect time to bring attention to the many new ways that scammers are trying to defraud people via technology. The methods are clever and if they reach you at the right time, even the most aware person can fall victim.