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What to Watch Next? These Apps & Websites Can Help

By Christine Persaud
Every popular streaming service in Canada, from Netflix to Disney+, Crave to Amazon Prime Video, has a recommendations engine that offers suggestions of what to watch next based on what you have watched prior. While this seems deeply personal, some find that the choices are lacking.

Smart Doorbell vs. Smart Camera: Which is Better?

By Christine Persaud
If you haven’t already jumped into the category of smart home security, you might be considering doing so. Smart outdoor security cameras make it easy to keep an eye on the home when you’re away, whether it’s for an extended period of time for work or vacation, for an overnight trip, or during the day when no one is home.

Lacking a Green Thumb? These Tech Tools Can Help

By Christine Persaud
Nowadays you can grow fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers outside and inside the home, and care for other greenery with a bit of tech guidance and even automation.