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The Tech You Need for the Perfect Super Bowl Party at Home

By Christine Persaud
Super Bowl LVI will kick off on Sunday, February 13, and whether you’re actually interested in football, a bandwagon jumper who watches the one big game every year, or you’re just gearing up for the musical half-time show, the event is a great time to gather with close friends and family.

What’s New in TVs for 2022

By Christine Persaud
Just when you think the biggest and best televisions have been introduced, the industry surprises by upping the game. Every major TV manufacturer impressed with its innovations, which ranged from matte screens that make still images displayed on the screen look like real paintings, to rotatable TVs on wheels you can move around the home.

Most Talked About Innovations in 2022 So Far

By Christine Persaud
Tech in the year 2022 has already kicked off with a bang. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), presented exciting innovations that will be coming later this year, some that are already available, and others that showcase potential for the future.

The Hybrid Work Environment is Here to Stay

By Christine Persaud
As more and more people are either switching to working from home, taking WFH gigs, or starting up their own home-based businesses, not to mention kids are looking for dedicated spaces for virtual schooling or homework, the need for technology to set up the perfect home office is essential.

people move about convention centre

Online, Hybrid or In-Person: Can Technology Save Live Events?

by Lee Rickwood
Smart wearable technology helps event managers measure attendee participation, engagement, participation, and networking. With an interactive lanyard around one’s neck, every attendee on-site can be tracked.

5 Cool Under-the-Radar Products Being Shown at CES 2022

By Christine Persaud
With many major companies having cancelled their in-person presence, from Microsoft to T-Mobile, Nvidia, and AT&T, the 2,200 exhibitors still booked for in-person attendance are made up primarily of small-to-medium-sized businesses and start-ups. Thus, there are plenty of cool, exciting, and fun gadgets from smaller companies worth checking out whether that’s in person or virtually.