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blurring effect shows truck speeding n highway

Truck Tech Mandate Delayed; Device Shortage Causing Safety Concerns

be Lee Rickwood
Sophisticated truck tech devices integrate global positioning satellite (GPS) capabilities, high-definition dashboard cameras equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), fleet telematics and communication channels, workflow productivity apps and more.

Activity & Fitness Tracker Checklist: How to Find the Right One For You

By Christine Persaud
Nowadays, everyone either owns an activity/fitness tracker or smartwatch, or they are interested in getting one. But with so much choice, it’s difficult to decide what to get. To help on the journey, here’s a handy checklist of the key questions you should ask yourself to help narrow down the choices.

Tips for Conserving Your Smartphone’s Battery

By Christine Persaud
As smartphones have gotten bigger, better, thinner, and more versatile, they also offer markedly improved battery life. In honour of National Battery Day on February 18, here are some tips for conserving battery life.

How to Recycle Your Old Electronics

By Christine Persaud
While the second-hand economy is thriving as a new generation seeks to get the most out of their products, the reality is that lots of electronics still end up in landfills. And this is harmful to the environment. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to recycle your old electronics.

Find the Perfect Tech Gift for Your Valentine

By Christine Persaud
Some people prefer not to acknowledge Valentine’s Day, arguing that a loved one should be celebrated every day of the year, not just on one single day. While that is true, just like a birthday or anniversary, there’s nothing wrong with using one particular day to shower a special someone with extra appreciation. That can come in the form of something sentimental, but a thoughtful gift is a nice touch, too.

The Tech You Need for the Perfect Super Bowl Party at Home

By Christine Persaud
Super Bowl LVI will kick off on Sunday, February 13, and whether you’re actually interested in football, a bandwagon jumper who watches the one big game every year, or you’re just gearing up for the musical half-time show, the event is a great time to gather with close friends and family.

What’s New in TVs for 2022

By Christine Persaud
Just when you think the biggest and best televisions have been introduced, the industry surprises by upping the game. Every major TV manufacturer impressed with its innovations, which ranged from matte screens that make still images displayed on the screen look like real paintings, to rotatable TVs on wheels you can move around the home.