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  1.' Jaclyn Boyd says:

    I’ve been wanting one of these for a while…it would be nice to win

  2.' KSamis says:

    Another great tech giveaway from what’syourtech.

  3.' Ellie says:

    This sounds amazing I have wanted to search my along with my husbands family lineage. Apparently somewhere way back in the past we appear to be related to royalty according to a 2nd cousin.

  4.' janice says:

    would be a very great birthday gift for my son

  5.' Jagriti says:

    Would love to win this, thankyou for the opportunity

  6.' Leigh Brown says:

    This would be a dream thank you

  7.' Dwayne C says:

    Would love to win

  8.' Emmy says:

    This would be so fabulous as Iam the Geneology person in our family…thanks so much for the chance

  9.' Johanna M says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this fantastic giveaway

  10.' Hal Jenner says:

    Great prize thanks for the opportunity to win

  11.' Johanna M says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win

  12.' amy liu says:

    thanks for the chance, i like to win

  13.' Dennis Dubs says:

    I would love to ” Smarten up ” my home

  14.' Beverley Williscraft says:

    Thank you for the chance- helpful,fun prize.

  15.' Alisa Petrisch says:

    Great Covid device, staying in shape during this lockdown. Stay healthy!

  16. This would be perfect for when I go for long walks or eventually at the gym when things re-open! Thanks for the chance…

  17.' Nathalie says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  18.' Savannah says:

    Gotta have it

  19.' Wanda Tracey says:

    What an awesome giveaway prize! I would love an Echo dot. Thank you for the chance.

  20.' Jackie Bob says:

    Thanks for the chance

  21.' cathy credicott says:

    Very generous! Anyone would love to win this! Good Luck All!

  22.' angela eagle says:

    my son asked me for one for Christmas

  23.' Mark says:

    Echo??echo echo ooo where are you??? Ou ou ou ou
    Coming ing ing ing ggg!!!

  24.' Maria says:

    I would love to update my ipd Fitbit

  25.' Amanda coombs says:

    What a great giveaway. This would be so awesome to win!

  26.' Natalie Rourke says:

    Would love to have this. It would be nice if Alexa could turn on the music if I have no hands and could tell me stories while lying in bed.

  27.' Natalie Rourke says:

    I hope I can give this to my mom to help track her health. thanks!

  28.' Angela says:

    This would be awesome

  29.' Jennifer Hamblin says:

    I would love an echo dot! I have an ihome clock radio and it’s too difficult to use.

  30.' Jennifer Hamblin says:

    Better than a UV wand

  31.' hugh laing says:

    This will will enable me to monitor important factors during my exercise routine and thus improve my health.

  32.' Julie says:

    Great giveaway! I could use this to help track my activities to keep fit! Thanks…

  33.' E wojcik says:

    Would love ine

  34.' Valerie Caldicott says:

    this is a great idea & love to own it

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