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State of Smart Speakers in Canada

By Gadjo Sevilla
Every major technology company has invested in a smart assistant. Apple has the venerable yet hobbled Siri assistant, Google has Assistant, Microsoft has Cortana and Amazon dominates the US with its Alexa assistant running off Amazon Echo devices.

Smartphones for Both Work and Play

By Christine Persaud
Rather then provide employees with smartphones, small businesses are allowing customers to use their own devices for work purposes and, if necessary, adding security measures to ensure that important work files can be safely accessed from them remotely. It’s a strategy known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

5 Great Holiday Gifts for Women

By Christine Persaud
Looking for a great gift for a lady in your life this holiday season? Check out these 5 awesome tech options that are ideally suited to the ladies.

Home tech products that make great gifts

By Ted Kritsonis

The home is where technology can sometimes be the most impactful, and buying the right product could feel like an investment that makes a difference.