Spending time with Apple’s iPad is only way to understand if it’s for you

By: Ted Kritsonis

May 31, 2010

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  1. leerickwood@rogers.com'

    Once you watch Ted’s video and learn more about the iPad here at WYT, your decision whether to buy an iPad or not should be a lot easier.

    But actually making the purchase may not be so simple.

    Yes, Apple launched the iPad in Canada last Friday, but by the end of the weekend, apparently every retailer in the country was sold out.

    Canadians have gotten pretty good at waiting for Apple products – not by choice mind you – so word that there’s a new list system for ‘controlled access’ is but another hurdle to overcome.

    So if you are still waiting for your iPad, get on it! Being on the list is a guarantee that you can get your iPad of choice.

    You have to go to an Apple Store, talk to an employee, sign up for an account, join the Priority List – and wait some more!

    When your selected iPad is in the store and entered into its inventory system, you’ll get an e-mail notification, and 24 hours to get to the store and finalize your purchase.

    Miss the 24 hours, and you’ll miss your iPad.

    Right now, in person sign up at an Apple Store seems to be the only way to go – but an online reservation system may soon be added.

    Hey, how about an iPhone app?

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