Mayor Munch Update: Thousands Can’t Wait for Real Election, Online Voting Shows Ford Still First

By: Lee Rickwood

October 13, 2010

Hey, thanks to you, the race is getting tighter! 

Well, one candidate dropped out, so that’s to be expected., I guess…

Standings as shown on on October 13

Nevertheless, as the campaign to elect Toronto’s next mayor heads into its final couple of weeks, thousands upon thousands of you ‘cyber-voters’  just can’t wait.

Because you can show your support for your favourite mayoralty candidate now, using the online Mayor Munch game, developed by Toronto-based media company Onestop Media Group.

(What’s Your Tech covered this story when the game first launched; sure, it’s about a fun, tech-enabled game, but it is a serious topic underneath it all. So, to read our initial report, click here…)

For now, though, with less than two weeks remaining in the Mayor Munch gaming poll, Rob Ford is in a tighter race at the top of the leader board – and, apparently, in real life..

The latest polling information from Onestop show:

Ford in the lead with 28%, followed by Rocco Rossi – 22%, George Smitherman – 18%, Sarah Thomson -16%, and Joe Pantalone – 16%.

(Thomson remains on Onestop’s ballot, although she has officially dropped out of the race and has pledged her support for Smitherman. Her polling information does still appear in the game, but her cartoon avatar now comes with an “I’m with George” speech balloon.)

mayor munch logo and candidates

Vote for the Mayor at Mayor Munch Online

Onestop launched the Mayor Munch interactive gaming experience to have fun with the upcoming municipal election; but more seriously, to encourage stronger voter participation amongst first time and previously disengaged voters.

Mayor Munch is accessible online,  and it’s being promoted to over 2 million people using Onestop’s Digital Out-of-Home Networks in the TTC subway system and in residential high-rise buildings across Toronto.   You can also follow the ‘Munchin’ on Twitter.

If you reigister to vote — and then actually do vote — you’re eligible to win a 50 inch HD TV. The poll closes Thursday October 21st 5:01pm.

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    The race is even tighter just one day after we posted this update….

    Rossi has now dropped out of the race (altho his and Thomson’s name will still be on the ballot)

    apparently, there’s still a 25 per cent undecided group out there, so, like, Get Munchin’

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