Windows Phone 7 is impressive, but can it compete?

By: Ted Kritsonis

December 2, 2010

Windows Phone 7This may very well be Microsoft’s last chance to make any serious impact in the ongoing smartphone wars. Windows Phone 7 is undoubtedly an impressive combination of design and function, but it will take some time to see if there’s enough support for it to begin competing against the likes of the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

In this video, WhatsYourTech Guru Ted Kritsonis shows you how Windows Phone 7 looks and weighs the pros and cons.

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  1. Hgigger says:

    Windows Phone 7 is missing too many essential features to even consider it.

    You can’t install a custom ringtone. There is no “missing calls” list (just a long list of all calls unsorted). The calendar can’t be switched to weekly view. It can’t use a front facing camera, and apps can’t record video.

    Don’t go near Windows Phone 7 until Microsoft has fixed it and restored the missing essential features (which I think will take Microsoft at least a year to fix).

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