Buying a Car? – Help is in the Palm of Your Hand with New Autofocus App

By: Lee Rickwood

April 7, 2014 website and mobile app website and mobile app

Next to your house, your car is the most expensive purchase you will likely ever make.

The process of selecting a vehicle is sometimes an overwhelming process, so first time car buyers – even experienced motor heads – must think carefully about the car itself, but also about their own needs, budgets and expectations. Whether for work, pleasure or family, owning any vehicle is a serious commitment.

Thankfully, there are plenty of reliable online resources with lots of good information about purchasing and owning a car; now, there’s also a handy auto-buying resource you can take with you, like when you head to the dealer!

The Autofocus website, available for both French and English users, offers an expert-curated collection of auto research, market information and review tools. What’s more, it brings the wisdom of the crowd, with several user community profiles and social tools for connecting with other auto owners and prospective shoppers.

Autofocus app screen

The new smartphone app provides news, reviews and assistance for Canadians in the market for a new or used vehicle.

The new companion Autofocus app, now available for iOS devices, gives users and potential buyers the same research and purchase information, while on the go.

It has a step-by-step guide that can be navigated through a test drive and purchase process even before you get to the dealer. It will even recommend certain vehicles, based on information entered into a personal profile.

As well, app users can connect with that Autofocus profile, My Garage, and get access to any information they’ve saved online for comparison purposes, using their mobile phones.

“Not every car buyer makes a purchase with the same level of knowledge or experience,” said Catherine MacLeod, Senior Vice-President, Specialty Channels, Bell Media (Autofocus is a Bell property). “Autofocus is a valuable and convenient resource for Canadians making a new purchase, thinking about changing models, or just simply interested in cars.”

Two unique app features are specifically developed to make the purchase process that much easier: Purchase Advisor acts as a step-by-step guide when researching a vehicle, including setting a budget, assessing personal needs, and researching vehicles effectively. Vehicle Research allows users to search cars by make, category, and lifestyle.

The app also includes a geo-location feature that can help users locate dealerships, and the ability to access content from including features, news, photos, and videos. is, pardon the pun, driven not only by a community of car owners helping each other make the best decision with the big purchase, but it features a team of auto experts and award-winning auto writers from the Automobile Journalist Association of Canada: Jil McIntosh, Antoine Joubert, Matt Bubbers, Nadine Filion, Daniel Rufiange, and Howard Elmer.

photo of Kathy Buckworth

Lifestyle consultant and advisor Kathy Buckworth offers insight and information about buying, owning and operating a car.

Site coordinators also say they will launch a new and exclusive web TV series with custom editorial and video content hosted by parenting expert, Kathy Buckworth.

Geared towards the family, the series will feature content that explores everything from purchasing car seats and car safety for toddlers, to tips for traveling with school-age children and car storage for the soccer mom.


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