What’s your ‘ish’? Myish.com wants to know

By: Yasmin Ranade

October 16, 2014
Vincent Alton, Founder Myish Inc./ Dignitas Digital

Vincent Alton,
Founder Myish Inc.

I’m always intrigued by the entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurs are those people who have passionate ideas that they just need to see shared and commercialized into action. Like … how about a review-based website where users in India comment, share, follow and rate their favourite things or ‘ish’?

Myish.com is a unique social platform for trusted fashion reviews. Well, that is, fashion to start, but there are about a dozen ‘ish’ categories waiting to be developed as well. Myish.com is the vision of entrepreneur Vincent Alton, original founder of Myish Inc.

Alton explains, “Myish is a single, unified go-to source for advice on anything and everything users want to purchase/experience.” Further, Alton adds, “This product offering is innovative for fashion and there’s nothing like it in India for India.” Alton sees a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on fast-growing Internet use in India, particularly the fashion sector, and so he’s left behind a regional sales position to focus 100% on Myish.com.

Dhawal Sehgal,  Digital Marketing, Myish Inc. / Dignitas Digital

Dhawal Sehgal, Co-founder & Digital Marketing,
Myish Inc.

Alton started his first corporation, Student Enterprises, at 17 and sold it at 22. Fuelled with funds generated by the sale of his first company, Alton handles business development for Myish.com as part marketer, sales manager and original founder. Alton is now in the ‘ish’ business with two well-educated professionals: Dhawal Sehgal, the Digital Marketing Guru of Myish Inc. / Dignitas Digital and Rishi Rais, who heads the technology and analytics division for  Myish Inc. / Dignitas Digital. Sehgal and Rais are the tech team leading the evolution of the platform.

co-founder & Technology & Analytics Lead Myish Inc

co-founder & Technology & Analytics Lead Myish Inc

Alton, Sehgal and Rais aspire to be a tour-de-force for fashion social media feasting in India. They’ve approached investors and secured fashion designers in India to get behind the ‘ish’ potential and we await their imminent impact on myish.com.

So, what’s the revenue angle? Myish rewards its users for participating on the site with branded badges that have retailer coupons, or incentives, attached to them.

Myish.com founder, Alton, reached out to me when Myish was launched in India in September. Today, the Myish 12-person team, including its 3 founders, is based in New Delhi.

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