Why Women Appreciate Home Automation

By: Christine Persaud

May 25, 2015
Belkin We-Mo

Belkin We-Mo

With so much attention on the Internet of Things (IoT), and a plethora of apps to control everything from your TV to your refrigerator, home automation is falling more and more into the mainstream. And it’s catching the attention of women just as much as men.

Typical stereotypes (and advertising) might suggest that it’s the man who’s convincing the wife or mother that the family needs that massive-sized flat-screen television. Or that Apple TV isn’t just fun – it’s an integral tool. But many studies have pointed to the woman of the family being the primary decision maker when it comes to technology purchases in the home. Stats noted by MarketingZeus.com found that 85% of purchases and purchase influences are made by women, and half of the products typically marketed to men are actually purchased by women.

With the benefits that home automation can provide, this is good news. And it helps that, when it comes to home automation, there’s not much convincing that needs to be done.

Here are 5 reasons why women, in particular, will appreciate the benefits of home automation.

1.The potential to save money

Technologies like automated thermostats or lighting aren’t just convenient – they can also end up saving you money in the long run. Did you know that a thermostat controls half of your home’s energy? Nest, perhaps one of the most well-known providers of do-it-yourself (DIY) automated thermostats, notes that a properly programmed thermostat can actually help you save up to 20% on your utility bills each month. That’s pretty significant, and enough to perk up the ears of any budget conscious woman.Seeing monetary savings from the implementation of technology will easily justify upfront costs.

2.Keep track of the kids

It’s called a maternal instinct for a reason – you don’t need to sell the benefits of being able to see when the kids get home safely through a security camera on the home’s system, GPS coordinates from a connected smartphone, or motion camera alerts. For example, with Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, you can use everything from door sensors that alert you when a door is opened, so you can ensure your child has arrived home from school on time. Safety is a major advantage with many types of home automation.

3.Keep an eye on the home

Whether you’re traveling on business, or away on vacation, having an automated security system that lets you tap into cameras at any moment offers tremendous peace-of-mind. In some cases, you might even be able to do things like remotely turn a porch light on or off to make passers-by think someone is home when you’re away for an extended period, or just check that the local raccoons haven’t ransacked your garden. What’s more, being able to let the delivery guy into the garage to drop off a package by remotely unlocking the door, or letting your housekeeper in to do a quick cleaning before you arrive back, is a welcome convenience.

4.Get useful alerts

Nest Labs Inc.

Nest Lifestyle Kitchen

Women tend to be responsible for keeping order in the family. Research cited by WebMD found that, of the high-salaried men and women surveyed, 44% of the women reported taking care of the home, kids, and sick family members versus just 4% of men.

Home automation alerts, whether it’s that the kids left their bedroom lights on (again!), the pot roast is almost done in the slow cooker (yes, thanks to technology like BelkinWeMo, there is actually a high-tech crock pot!) the load of laundry is in the dryer (do you want a refresh?), or grandma hasn’t taken her pill yet, will help in achieving that order.

cP_HOME Sengled_loft_app5.Create mood lighting

One of the latest trends in home automation will particularly appeal to those of the female persuasion: app-controlled lighting, ranging from systems like Philips Hue that lets you adjust the lighting in every room of the home to virtually any shade or colour you desire, to something as simple as a single smart bulb that can emit a stream of coloured (maybe even strobed?) lights to your liking, based on mood, setting, or time of day.

Bottom line

Home automation used to be a thing of luxury, reserved for the rich and famous. Now, it’s for just about anyone with a smartphone and an available wall plug. And with factors relating to convenience, safety, order, ambience, and decor, not to mention options available at accessible pricing, it appeals just as much to the ladies as it does to the men.


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