Mobile Concierge Service Adds to Yorkdale’s Retail Experience

By: Yasmin Ranade

November 24, 2015

Yorkdale Shopping Centre is catering to the modern shopper by launching a messaging concierge service that provides access to its guest services team through text or online messages.

Yorkdale is one of the first Canadian shopping centres to offer shoppers access to guest services teams via text or online messaging. Launched on November 1st, shoppers now have instant access to a guest service concierge for Yorkdale-related information, including accessing information before they even leave their home.

“We are committed to delivering an exceptional shopping experience and our Kipsu messaging concierge opens communications channels like never before,” said Yorkdale General Manager Claire Santamaria. “We know Yorkdale customers are accessing our website from their mobile phones. We also know that they do a considerable amount of research before they even step foot in the shopping centre.  By adding this component of enabling customers to ask questions while they are shopping, [we are offering] another way of interacting with our customers, but doing it in a personalised way.’

“When shoppers visit the Yorkdale website, a bar will appear with a prompt where they can access Yorkdale’s messaging concierge,”

Claire Santamaria Yorkdale General Manager

Claire Santamaria
Yorkdale General Manager

explained Ms. Santamaria. “They become immediately connected to a guest service team member who will answer any Yorkdale-related questions.”

How does Yorkdale manage it?  Content is dynamic and personalized. “More than one person will receive notifications when inquiries are received,” explained Ms. Santamaria, “and our team [is] notified when the inquiries have been addressed.” At this time it’s available in English, but Yorkdale may decide to expand its language offering if there’s an influx of requests for other languages.

“We believe that this program will mostly be used by the technologically savvy shoppers,” remarked Ms. Santamaria. “We’ve found that customers are now making their shopping decisions based on research that they’re conducting through digital channels. The Yorkdale messaging concierge will help customers create a personalized shopping experience by helping them navigate the shopping centre based on the research they’ve done.”

Kipsu is an American messaging platform and chosen for its “proven track record of working,’ said Ms. Santamaria. “At Yorkdale, when we launch a program often it is very successful on the onset.  We don’t have the opportunity to try and test before implementing, especially when it comes to digital and online channels.  Customers are not only savvy, but are also early adapters and we wanted to implement a program we could use.”

Yorkdale guest services staff actively monitors the text/messaging feature during regular shopping hours. Learn more about Kipsu Messaging


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