5 Tech Gifts Under $50 for Women

By: Christine Persaud

December 10, 2015

If you’re on a strict budget this year, want a few affordable gifts for ladies on your list, or looking for clever gifts for the women in the office, here are five great tech items that you can grab for under $50.

tech_FlipBelt image1.FlipBelt  ($33)

Whether she takes a spinning or Zumba class, works out at the gym, or simply goes for a weekly run, any active woman will appreciate one of these Spandex and Lycra belts that positions over workout pants, and can hold all of her essentials, from a smartphone to car keys or some cash. Slot the item (or items) into the two slits, and push them to the back or front – whatever is most comfortable. They come in five colours and are machine-washable.

2.Logiix Piston Power Luma Portable Charger & Flashlight ($25)

Logiix Piston Power Luma Portable Charger & Flashlight

Providing extra, on-the-go power to mobile devices, this portable battery pack also doubles as handy LED flashlight when she’s trying to dig something up from the depths of her oversized purse. The 2,200 mAh lithium-ion battery offers one extra charge to your smartphone, and includes short circuit and overage protection. Grab one in a number of colour options to match her style.

3.Google Chromecast Video ($40)

With this nifty device, she can watch her favourite Netflix, shomi, or CraveTV shows, or funny YouTube videos, on the big screen. Ideal for Google Chromecastthe non-technical female, it’s very easy to set up and port – rather, cast – content from a smartphone, tablet, or computer to the TV. She can even use it to cast what’s on the Chrome browser screen to the television to work on cloud-based reports, or view Web pages.

4.Lucidbrake Smart Wireless Motion Sensing Bicycle Brake Light ($50)

Lucidbrake Smart Wireless Motion Sensing Bicycle Brake Light

For the cyclist on your list, check out this wireless, press-on brake light that includes both lights and awareness beacons so that late-night riders can do so safely. She can mount it on her helmet, backpack, or clothing – anywhere it’s clearly visible. And it can detect deceleration and stopping, intelligently leaving out normal cycling movements like road bumps, grades, and angles.

5.Belkin Mixit Lightning to USB Tassle ($35)

Belkin Mixit Lightning to USB Tassle

It’s a super-clever way to disguise an Apple Lightning cable as a fashionable accessory: attach this tassle to your purse’s interior or exterior, and it looks like an attractive accent piece. But hidden inside is an MFi-certified charging cable to charge up your iPhone. It’s made from natural leather, and comes in fog, camel, coral and black.



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