HP’s PageWide Pro MFP 577DW printer boasts versatility and performance

By: Gadjo Sevilla

April 18, 2016


By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla

HP’s PageWide Pro MFP 577DW is a business printer that can actually impress photographers of all levels with a range of settings, sizes and the ability to print tack sharp images and text.

hP’s has been fine tuning various aspects of its enterprise printer line by increasing speed and performance. With the fastest speed in it class (70 pages per minute), fastest first-page printing and fastest two-sided scanning plus the ability to be accessed via NFC (near Field Communication) and WiFi, the HP PageWide Pro MFP 577DW fits nicely in any business environment.


It’s easy to dismiss most office printers as unexciting bits of necessary technology. They are great when we need them to print documents and photos but we usually forget about them altogether. With the HP PageWide Pro MFP 577DW, which brings the latest technologies as well as unprecedented value and savings, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Ideal for situations outside of the usual networked printing applications, I found the HP PageWide Pro MFP 577DW to be a good printer for getting larger photo printouts from a recent European trip. The photos were on my mobile device and I wanted to have simple printouts on office paper.

Granted, these aren’t printed on the type of thick photo paper using more sophisticated and long-lasting ink and printing technology, I was nonetheless impressed at the detail, colour and quality that the HP PageWide Pro MFP 577DW yielded in my impromptu printing session.


Best of all, I was able to quickly interact with the HP PageWide Pro MFP 577DW printer without reading the manual and having interacted with the printer previously. A testament to HP’s understanding of ease of use, a 4.3-inch touchscreen is used to choose input or source of material as well as give the printer instructions on how to output or print.

With the ability to print 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi from 600 x 600 input dpi (on HP Advanced Photo Papers) colour, the HP PageWide Pro MFP 577DW will do a decent job of printing out slides or photos. You can print directly from a connected USB stick, preview the image on that display and choose how you want to print it out.  Wi-Fi direct, which enables you to use a mobile device using Wi-Fi and even NFC (Near Field Communication) for touch-to-print functionality is available, even if that feature isn’t a standard one, it is nice to use. If you have Microsoft Office documents on a USB stick, you can print them directly without needing an Office application open on a nearby device.

For volume printing needs of medium to large offices, the HP PageWide Pro MFP 577DW has a range of 13,000 colour pages and 17,000 black and white.


HP manages to make this printer usable with plain language and intuitive range of controls, something that has long escaped printers and most specially those designed for use in the enterprise.

While all these features are great, it is the results you expect and lasting value—breakthrough total cost of ownership, the lowest in its class that make this line of printers a great option.

Offices can print 4x more pages than standard cartridges with Original HP PageWide extra-high-yield cartridges. Offices also spend less time and budget on scheduled maintenance with streamlined HP PageWide Technology.

Security is also top of mind. Users can help ensure the security of confidential information by entering a PIN at the device to retrieve a print job. Users can regulate colour use and reduce printing costs with HP Color Access Control. Plus enterprise users will be able to keep their printers secure—from boot up to shutdown—with secure boot and secure code integrity validation.



The HP PageWide Pro MFP 577DW is a versatile and multifunctional printer that serves the connected office and enterprise well, while expanding functionality to individual users, needs and situations. The ability to print more while spending less is unprecedented in a printer of this class and the inclusion of Wi-Fi printing, NFC, apps and security features are just exciting as the high-speed printing capability an the lowest total cost of ownership.

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