Deep Learning Summit Coming to Toronto in October

By: Yasmin Ranade

October 9, 2018

The Deep Learning Summit is returning to Toronto from October 25 – 26, 2018 and will cover the latest advancements in deep learning technology.  Global leaders in the field will address how industry leaders and start-ups are applying deep learning techniques across industry and society. The first ever AI for Government Summit, another event stream, will provide a unique opportunity to interact with government bodies, policymakers, strategists and directors of innovation to explore the use of machine learning to increase efficiency, reduce costs and meet the high demands of the public sector.

Canada is a hot-spot for Artificial Intelligence with the likes of Element AI, Uber AI Labs, and the Vector

Institute coming out of the country. What’s more, the Canadian Government have committed over $125 million to AI developments.

Confirmed speakers across both tracks include:

  • Brendon Frey, Co-Founder & CEO, Deep Genomics
  • Geoffrey Hinton, Professor, University of Toronto
  • Nina Berry, J6 S&T Advisor, Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO)
  • Stanley Osher, Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science, UCLA
  • William Brendel, Senior Research Scientist, Snap Research

Additional speakers include:

  • Sara Hooker, Artificial Intelligence Resident, Google Brain, who will be addressing frontiers of computer vision and some of the challenges associated with measuring progress on training model functions.
  • Shane Gu, Research Scientist, Google Brain, whose recent research focuses on sample-efficient RL methods that could scale to solve difficult continuous control problems in the real-world, which have been covered by Google Research Blogpost and MIT Technology Review.
  • Tomi Poutanen, TD Bank, formerly co-founder and co-CEO of Layer 6 AI,  which produced the world’s most accurate prediction engine for enterprise data. Layer 6 AI was the first company to offer clients a prediction engine powered by a real-time deep learning framework.

Headline partners include Accenture, Qualcomm, Graphcore AI and CBC/Radio Canada who will all be sharing their expertise in the field, participating in workshops, discussions, presentations, demonstrations and exhibitions.

The two-day summit will see over 600 attendees and 60 speakers share cutting edge research and technologies, and unveil emerging trends in deep learning. Industry experts and academics will present challenges and solutions to real-world problems with research methods and business applications, following the opportunity to share your learnings in over 7 hours of networking.

Register now: Deep Learning Summit and AI for Government Summit. readers will receive a 20% discount to the summit when they use the discount code WYT20. is a media partner for the Deep Learning Summit.

You can also register for post-event access to receive the slides, presentation videos and interviews from the summit. Summit attendees will also gain access.

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