Canadian Side Hustlers Capitalise on Personal Talents and Digital Know-How to Earn Extra Money

By: Yasmin Ranade

June 13, 2023

GoDaddy recently shared Canadian survey findings about part-time, entrepreneurial work people do as well as their regular job, also known as side hustling.

Interestingly, findings show that Canadian side hustlers are using their talents and entrepreneurship to capitalize on ‘passion projects’ to earn extra income amid the rising cost of living. In fact, over one third of respondents began their side hustle as a passion project, and 72% of side-hustlers hope to turn their side hustle into their primary business in the future.

Canadian side-hustles

Self-made goods and professional services topped the list in terms of Canadian side-hustles, but they also include a wide range of activities:

  • 26% offer self-made goods like foods, beauty products and arts and crafts
  • 24% provide professional services, such as marketing, legal, virtual assistance, tutoring, and tech
  • 21% offer goods and services that are made by or come from others
  • 13% are involved in personal care such as fitness and beauty services
  • 11% offer construction and trade services
  • 6% provide travel and tourism services
  • 6% are engaged in transport and storage services
  • 6% offer pet care services

Said Young Lee, Canada Market Lead at GoDaddy, “What’s … inspiring is the breadth of Canadian creativity and talent – our survey shows Canada’s side hustlers are active in a variety of different industries.”

Young Lee, Canada Market Lead at GoDaddy

Additional findings revealed that more than half of Canadian side hustlers have had multiple side hustles (58%) and that almost half were between the ages of 12 and 24 years old when they launched their first side hustle (49%).

“We also recognize that while some Canadians start their hustles as passion projects, many are also driven by a need for additional income, especially amid the rising cost of living,” remarked Lee. “Side hustles give Canadians the flexibility and autonomy to help make ends meet in addition to their full-time commitments. At GoDaddy, we see the positive impact side hustlers have on communities and the wider economy.”

AI is making an impact

“Another interesting insight we uncovered in our survey is related to how Canadians side hustlers are using technology,” shared Lee.

“We’ve all seen and heard so much about AI recently, so it’s no surprise that one in five Canadians have already used AI services to support their business to date, with almost half intending to do so in the future.”

Personal investment and marketing efforts

What type of personal investment does side hustling typically incur?

“Over half of Canadians with side hustles (58%) spend under 10 hours a week managing their side business, according to our recent survey,” shared Lee. “We celebrate our friends and family when they tell us they spend 10 hours a week on a hobby, or on self-care like health and wellness, so if Canadians are spending 10 hours a week following their dreams, we think that’s worth celebrating,” commented Lee.

For two-thirds of Canadians (66%), respondents said it cost them under $1,000 to launch their side hustle.

It’s not surprising that side-hustlers are leveraging digital strategy, predominantly. Survey findings revealed that more than half of Canadians with a side hustle feel their website is the most important channel for success (57%).

Further, almost half (45%) of respondents also said it only took them a few days to have their business website up and running – one-in-four (24%) said it took them less than a day. Just six per cent said they paid to have their website built for them.

Commented Lee, “We feel anyone – from small business owners to side hustlers – can feel confident in their business journey with the right tools and resources, which is why GoDaddy is honoured to support everyday entrepreneurs on their journeys and help them follow their dreams.”

What motivates and sustains side husting?

Kat Velez, Co-owner of 2LS Design

Kat Velez, Co-owner of 2LS Design shared with me her inspirations, how she manages multiple side hustles, and some tips about how to transform side hustles into full-time work and enjoyment.

“Currently, I work full-time as an interior designer in the hospitality industry,” began Velez. “In addition to being a mom to three boys, I also coach skating, teach an interior design course at a local college and am the proud owner of 2LS Design, alongside my husband.”

“I have over ten years’ experience in design, and I’ve always been passionate about it – so I’ve been able to draw on that passion, and those skills, to teach others and build my side hustle while managing a full-time career,” said Velez. “My parents are entrepreneurs – my parents have run a successful business for over 30 years, which has always inspired me….  – so the “entrepreneurial spirit” is really embedded in our family,” added Velez.

Explained Velez, “I usually spend about 11 and 20 hours a week on my side projects in addition to my full-time career, so it’s really important that I have the online tools to help me manage my business and keep me organized to ensure I can still have time with my family. Specifically, my GoDaddy website and professional email have been two essential tools for my success. I’m constantly updating my website to show my latest work and have received incredible feedback from clients. People ask me who built it for me and it’s always satisfying to respond that I built it myself – in less than a day!”

Her website, design passion, and being a ‘yes’ person were Velez’ side hustling top tips. She said, “My website is the most important channel for the success of my side hustle,” and added, “My advice would be to follow your passion, jump in, be a ‘yes person’ yourself. It will take some determination, but it will pay off in the end.”



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